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"Helping to Bridge the Gap Between the Hearing and the Deaf"

IMPORTANT! Next Saturday, Sept. 6, NWIDHHC Fest is walking in the Valparaiso Popcorn Fest Parade! We would like to invite you to join us and rep your community! This invitation to open to any one who is part of deaf and hard of hearing community including but not limited to ASL students, interpreters, CODAS, SODAS, late-deafened adults, etc. The more the merrier! Parade starts at 10 am, meet up spot and time TBD.
1. 20% of corn products must be incorporated in our entry (corn, corn husks, unpopped kernels, popcorn accepted)...
2. Joanna , the co-chairman of the NWIDHHC Festival, will bring wagon for children and we will be decorating it. If any of you have additional wagons we can borrow, please let me know
3. Wear your Keep Calm and Be Deaf shirts. For those of you who do not have them but are interested in having one, I will bring them to meet up spot for your purchase ($20 dollars). Otherwise, wear red or white shirts.
4. There will be plenty of flyers and handbills for us to distribute to the public.
5. Wear your good walking shoes!
6. If you can come for a couple of hours, please come. Children are welcome; however if under school age, a vehicle is required to transport children during parade when they get tired. We will do a lot of walking.
We need more folks, please. If you are able to come, please let me know so I can put you down on the list. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! Just send an email.
Thank you Michelle Ragsdale Contact: e-mail to

  NEWS!!!:  New restaurant in Toronto, Canada where all the servers are deaf called "Signs". Customers are asked to order in ASL.
(Reminder: You can turn on the Closed Captioning on Youtube) Unique Restaurant Caters Towards A Specific Audience

Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act contains broad language prohibiting public businesses from discriminating against people with disabilities. READ MORE: Deaf News

Even flowers speak ASL
Artwork by Christina Fall
Nature's Silent Words

A recent USA Today article mentions American Sign Language interpreters as being in the top five "fastest growing jobs". It also mentions "most growth will likely be due to greater need for translators in American Sign Language...." Read More. . .

Sorenson Celebrates Deaf Awareness Month During September, Sorenson is celebrating Deaf Awareness Month with a special website. You can find stories about American Sign Language, a new ASL Bowl and an interview with deaf poets. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter. When you see a story you like on the Deaf Awareness Month site, share it with a friend. Content will be added throughout the month, so check back often to see new stories. Join us in celebrating Deaf Awareness Month! Read More . . .

What is ASL?

American Sign Language (ASL) is a complete, complex language that employs signs made with the hands and other movements, including facial expressions and postures of the body. It is the first language of many deaf North Americans, and one of several communication options available to deaf people. ASL is said to be the fourth most commonly used language in the United States. (NIDCD)

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One picture of our Fun Night
ASL Activities
We have so much fun at our activities and we appreciate everyone's help!
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